How to Prevent Muscle Spasms 
What is a muscle spasm? How can you avoid, prevent or cure them? Try Magnesium Citrate!
01, October  
Need to Fight the Flu?  
Need to fight the flu away? Try one of these natural remedies: Echinacea Vitamin C Colloidal Silver Ginseng
24, September  
The Truth About Vitamin C 
Dr. Higgins explains how Vitamin C affects the body, the reason your body no longer creates it and how you can get more both in your diet and by supplementing. Related Products: â Vitamin C Powder Unflavoured 200g (Sisu) â
09, September  
How to Live 14% Longer 
Want to live 14% longer? You need Omega 3 Oil! Dr. Higgins explains why Omega 3 oil is an great daily supplement for health, longevity and its proven track record. Related Products: â BioTone EFA â SEPEFA â Super EFA Liquid Plus Keywords â
03, September  
Can You Get Vitamin D From Tanning? 
Dr. Higgins explains the health benefits of tanning and Vitamin D along with the comparison of the amounts absorbed using different methods. Related Products: â Vitamin D3 100 Caps â Vitamin D3 400IU 90 Caps â
29, August  
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