What's the Cost of Natural Health Remedies? 
Less sick days, more days of enjoying life.Dr. Higgins reveals the true cost of being healthy.
22, August  
How to Prevent a Hangover 
The morning after a great night on the town is normally associated with quite the headache. Dr. Higgins from Remedy for Wellness reveals the natural cure and how you can wake up refreshed and ready to go. Related Products: â Rosemarinus Keywords â
16, August  
Improve Your Immune System With Silver 
Modernization of an old remedy has happened, Dr. Higgins walks us through the benefits of Colloidal Silver and how it helps our immune system. Related Products: â Colloidal Silver Spray
12, August  
How to Detox Your Liver 
This cleansing herb has many benefits which include liver protection and detoxification. Dr. Higgins walks us through how using this just a few times a year can make a world of difference. Related Products: â Milk Thistle Keywords â
08, August  
Feeling Stressed or Worn Out? Try this... 
Dr. Higgins guides us through the benefits of Ginseng, why one could use this herb and why it's great for our everyday stressful lives. Related Products: � Siberian Tiger Giseng � Koren Red Ginseng � Koren
02, August  
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