The Wellness Centre has a variety of services that they are privileged to provide, including:


Acupuncture is a complete health science, used to successfully treat both pain and dysfunction.

Acupuncture works by affecting points along the energy network pathways which travel just below the surface of the skin. These pathways (meridians) communicate from the exterior to the internal organs and structures at over 1,000 points (acupoints). Though the use of fine needles is the normal method of stimulating the acupoints, laser, electricity and moxibustion can also be used effectively. The goal is to restore normalcy to the body's energy balance.

Acupuncture benefits both the mind and body in about 80% of people treated. It is effective in a wide range of health concerns and has most recently acquired acclaim for the treatment of addictions. Use of acupuncture spans all age groups through the life cycle.

Auricular Acupuncture is a form of acupuncture that uses the external ear as a microsystem for finding and treating points that relate to dysfunctions in the body. A normal healthy body has no electrically active acupuncture points on its ears. As problems develop in the body and are recognized by the brain, it tries to correct them through electrical signals being sent out by the brain. The ear is directly connected to the nerve activity going through the brainstem and electrically active points develop on the skin of the external ear. These points have been mapped and it is now known that specific points relate to specific organs and parts of the body. These points may be treated by various stimulations (needle, laser, massage, electricity) which, by reflex action, result in physiological changes in the same parts of the body.

This is a holistic system for diagnosis, and treatment, according to the principles of Chinese Medicine. Treatments can take up to one hour depending on the complexity of the problems. The therapy supports normal body function, thereby helping to reverse chronic and acute problems by promoting "balance" in the same manner that the brain seeks “homeostasis

This system of treatment can be used for any of the indications for which body acupuncture is used. It is generally most recognized for the treatment of chronic problems, which fail to be cured by Western Medicine, such as asthma, attention deficit disorders, auto-immune diseases, chronic fatigue syndromes; eczemas, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, psoriasis, pre-menstrual syndrome, and many others..

Color Therapy

Chakras are the link between the inner body and outer body. Each chakra corresponds to an organ, a color and a level of the body. Using Color Therapy, the person is able to take a series of tests to determine which colors he or she may need. We like colors which are beneficial for us; We reject colors which relate to energetic blockages or wounds. The computer program automatically suggests a color treatment based on the test results and exposure to a series of these treatments allows the body to balance.

Colors work on the Energy Body to get the Chi flowing and can be helpful with fever, pain, trauma, sprains, digestive disorders and just feeling better.


What happens for you in an hypnosis session is totally unlike what goes on during stage entertainment, although the mind is just as powerful. You cannot be made to do strange things, to divulge secrets or to do things against your will or moral judgment. You always have total control.

Practically everyone can be hypnotized provided the subject consents, there is good communication between the hypnotist and the client, and there exists a freedom of fear or reluctance on the part of the client. While being hypnotized is different for every person, it is almost always a very pleasant, relaxing experience.

A good hypnotherapist asks enough questions to understand your issue(s) and goal(s) for coming to the session and is willing to answer any questions or concerns you have, before you are hypnotized.

When you are ready, you will be guided into a deep state of physical and mental relaxation. At first, most people are aware of everything. But the experience can vary from hearing every word, to having the hypnotist's voice fade in and out, or even not hearing at all. You might even feel so relaxed that you feel that you may have been asleep.

With a trust in your hypnotist, you may find yourself being so relaxed that you no longer "listen" with your conscious mind. It's as if your conscious mind just takes "a little vacation." And as your conscious mind becomes a little less "attentive" and focused, your unconscious mind or subconscious self becomes more attentive and focused, and therefore more responsive and cooperative with therapist's suggestions.

Always remember though, that your unconscious self will always reject any suggestions that are inappropriate for you. Based upon your statements of needs or goals, a qualified hypnotherapist gives suggestions to your unconscious mind that it is willing to accept and act upon, and thereby help you to achieve those goals.

Hypnosis can be used to help in many areas including the following:

    - Stress Management
    - Smoking Cessation
    - Ego-Strengthening
    - Self-Hypnosis Training
    - Dealing with Phobias
    - Weight Management
    - Anger Management
    - Pain and Anxiety Control for Pregnancy and Delivery

Holistic Health & Wellness Program

The Holistic Heart Wellness Program at The Wellness Centre includes Chelation therapy plus nutritional and lifestyle choices that enhance the effects of EDTA and interrupts the cycle of free-radical damage. These powerful lifestyle choices include a heart-healthy diet, regular exercise, vitamin and mineral supplementation, and effective stress management.

The choices you make and your own motivation to improve your health have their own unique and significant impact, and while being honored and nurtured will have long-lasting effects on the quality of your life.

Assessment is done with the completion of a thorough history and physical examination and a list compiled of all current medications and supplements. Laboratory tests will be preformed which will help the doctor to adjust your treatment to fit your body's level of functioning and monitor progress in treatment. These tests will assess your liver and kidney function, blood sugar and blood fats, as well as your general blood profile.

Most drug treatments can be continued without adjustment until the need for them changes. Your Chelation physician can advise you on this with consultation from your personal physician when needed.

Chelation is a safe, non surgical procedure effective in halting the progress of free-radical damage and restoring blood flow through the entire circulatory system. This effectively improves the body’s response to arteriosclerosis, the system wide problem.

A Heart Healthy Diet is a major contributor to recovery processes and therefore can be a major source of repair and healing. Concepts of appropriate fat and sugar intake, the best cooking methods and individual attention to your balance of foods will be done by The Wellness Centre staff.

Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation, a scientifically-balanced regimen, prescribed specifically for each person, is important to fight free-radical damage to the body and promote healing processes. Some vitamins are given intravenously with the EDTA during Chelation and others are recommended to be taken orally during and after the course of treatment.

Exercise is for further improvement in circulation. Support and direction is provided for you to become involved in an exercise program at any level from basic walking to more defined programs.

Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy identifies hypersensitivity and hyposensitivity in an individual to certain frequencies, allowing the practitioner to identify suppression of physical and emotional issues. We tend to hear well what we want to hear or what we can handle, while experiencing difficulty hearing what we cannot handle.

When Sound Therapy is recommended by a practitioner, a hearing test is done. This involves the comparison of a normal Bell Curve - left and right ears – To that of the individual. Adjustments of frequencies are made and changes are applied to a piece of music. This makes the music therapeutic for that individual who is then required to listen to the adjusted music for a recommended period of time. This treatment promotes brain development and helps to clear physical and emotional blocks in the body, allowing it to work more efficiently.

Sound Therapy may be helpful with focus and concentration issues, brain development issues and promotion of improvement with immune system function.

Chelation Therapy

Chelation therapy is a safe and effective alternative treatment to bypass surgery for arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) using EDTA (ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid), a body cleansing drug. EDTA is administered intravenously during chelation after a full consultation with a registered physician at The Wellness Centre. EDTA is an amino acid which has a strong attraction for certain toxic metals in the body. Some of these metals are poisonous, while all metals in excess are toxic. These toxins are collected and bound with EDTA and move harmlessly through the blood stream, collected by the kidneys and excreted in the urine. Their removal benefits every cell in the body, rejuvenating their function.

Removing the toxins helps to limit the production of harmful free-radicals (highly reactive oxygen atoms). Free-radical damage is believed by medical scientists to speed up the development of most illnesses of aging, including arteriosclerosis, cancer and diabetes. Chelated blood vessels have improved blood flow, which brings much needed nutrients and oxygen to organs and tissues thus enhancing body functions.

Every blood vessel in the body from the smallest capillaries deep in the brain, heart and other vital organs, to the largest arteries (the only possible focus of surgical intervention) reap the benefits of Chelation therapy. The smallest vessels are just as severely diseased and yet it is impossible to repair these vessels by conventional surgery. Specific proven benefits of Chelation are evident in blood cholesterol, blood sugar, lung, kidney, heart and brain functioning, stickiness of blood platelets, walking distance and many other indicators of improved circulation.

Chelation therapy is compatible with bypass surgery and other conventional treatments, including medication and balloon procedures. Conventional surgical procedures have only a limited effect on circulation and no real effect on reversing the process of arteriosclerosis, therefore a choice for Chelation therapy is advisable. In our experience at The Wellness Centre, in offering Chelation therapy since 1992, people who take advantage of the waiting time for bypass surgery to try Chelation have found that the surgery is often no longer needed, or can be delayed for more than a decade..

Grief Counseling

When grief strikes, the world as you know it is temporarily shattered. However, grief is a normal and universal reaction to a loss - the most significant of which is the death of a loved one. The initial reaction to the loss can be devastating, as grief adversely affects a person's physical, emotional, spiritual and psychosocial well-being. Unresolved grief issues can turn pathological, robbing survivors of their enjoyment of life. Many people, when faced with such devastating loss often question whether their grief reaction is normal. Such feelings occur largely because we are socialized to believe that we should grieve alone, bury our feelings, and replace the loss. The discomfort that we, as a society, feel in dealing with such unpleasant issues contribute to the pain.

Grief counselling, both individual and group, focuses on normalizing the individuals grief reaction. Through a process of identifying. labeling and exploring one's feelings, the client can gain an increased understanding and acceptance of their grief, and also learn practical ways to transform the energy and pain of their grief into a personal growth experience.

Dealing with grief is painful and requires active participation in the healing process. Individuals should be prepared to learn and employ practical grief coping skills that best suit their individuality and needs.

Group work is semi-structured, closed, supportive, and education & participation based. Groups are limited to 8 members.

Sexual Abuse

The callous theft of childhood innocence leaves deep and sensitive wounds. As children, we are ill prepared to deal with the emotional trauma left by sexual abuse , and often blame ourselves. The shroud of secrecy that often accompanies this issue creates even more stress and pain for sexual abuse survivors. As well, society as a whole further contributes to this phenomenon by its reluctance to deal openly and frankly with this issue. As adults, however, we can more readily recognize our option to seek help and heal the wounds.

Sexual abuse counselling, both individual and group, focuses on rebuilding the survivor's sense of self. Through a process of identifying, labeling and exploring one's feelings, the client comes to understand that their feelings, relationship issues, and self-destructive behaviour patterns, have emerged as survival mechanisms to deal with the sexual abuse.

Counselling lends the client insight and understanding into the impact of the abuse on their lives. By assigning responsibility and blame where it belongs (and not with the client), clients come to terms with the abuse. Freeing their energies, individuals are then ready to learn practical, healthy coping skills that will allow a sense of closure, and enhance their personal growth.

Dealing with abuse issues is painful and requires active participation in the healing process. Individuals should be prepared to learn and employ practical coping skills that best suit their individuality and needs.

Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic remedies are generally dilutions of natural components of plants, minerals and animals. They are prepared through a repeated process of diluting and succussing (vigorous shaking). The explanation of the main underlying principles of homeopathy may aid in understanding this treatment, they include:

"Like Cures Like"

In other words, the substance that in large doses produce the symptoms of an illness, in trace amounts cures it. This was the theory on which vaccines were developed and the current treatment of allergies is based.

"The More a Remedy is Diluted, the Greater it's Potency"

This concept is the opposite to the belief sometimes associated with conventional medicine, that the higher the dose, the better the effect. In homeopathy, remedies may be diluted and succussed to the point that there may be no molecule of the original substance remaining. The theory for the healing effects of these dilute substances is based in quantum physics and energy medicine. It is believed that the homeopathic remedy holds the electromagnetic information of the original substance and transmits this to the body energy, stimulating it's healing response.

"The Illness is Specific to the Individual"

Homeopathic Practitioners take extensive histories of a client's physical, emotional and mental symptoms and characteristics in order to develop a total picture of the patient and their illness. This picture then allows the practitioner to match the patients symptom profile with the most accurate remedy for the condition. For example, the individual with a chronic headache may be treated with one of over two hundred recognized remedies for this condition. The Homeopathic practitioner will determine the correct remedy with attention to individualized detail.

"Healing Progresses in a Specific and Predictable Order"

The Laws of Cure state the manner in which symptoms are eliminated in the process of healing with homeopathics. For example, for a person with a long term illness with many symptoms, newest complaints are resolved before the older symptoms and the deepest part of the body sees improvement before the extremities. The person is restored to health in a sense layer by layer.

Homeopathy is practiced around the world, even being used by the last four generations of the Royal Family. The World Health Organization has identified homeopathy as one of the systems of traditional medicine that need to be integrated with conventional medicine to provide sufficient health care throughout the world. Individuals with chronic conditions as well as those with minor complaints have taken advantage of the healing benefits of this inexpensive, nontoxic system of medicine. Often times conditions that have been difficult to heal with conventional drugs respond to homeopathy.

About Homeopathic Drainage

Drainage or detoxification is the therapeutic means all eliminating unwanted byproducts and toxins of the organism via the natural excretory of the body. Drainage has been used since medicine began and in ancient times through such things as the use of herbal mixtures and induced sweating and Turkish Baths. The organism can have different sources of intoxication that can give rise to poor function of specific organs that regulate elimination from the various parts of the body. There are three different sources all of organic intoxication as follows:

    1. Exogenous toxins are those of the chemical and psychological nature that directly affect the tissues of the body. Those include alcohol, drugs, tobacco, inappropriate medication, environmental pollution and emotional trauma [anxiety or shock].
    2. Endogenous toxins are those that come from within the body. Those could come from viruses, fungi, yeasts, undigested foods, and diseases that affect the normal function of the body.
    3. Autogenous toxins are those that are created by the body itself and can be related to genetic predisposition and/or the constitutional or personality traits of the individual. The organism drains those organic toxins through various excretory organs and tissues which include the kidneys, liver, skin and the mucous membranes. The endocrine glands are also important in the elimination of toxins by stimulating the body in the direction of maintaining normal metabolism. Homeopathic medicines play an important role in inducing drainage through the use of the Law of Similars. In order for the organism to move towards wellness, the organs of drainage must first be opened to allow the toxins to be excreted from the body.

The homeopathic practitioner must first establish which organ is affected and administer the appropriate remedy to assist in the elimination of toxins from that organs. Once the organs of drainage are opened and the endocrine glands can re-establish normal metabolism the practitioner can treat the true clinical picture, that may have been clouded by an accumulation of toxins in the body. By opening the emunctories the risk of homeopathic aggravation is reduced, because the channels of the body are opened and can move disease freely through them.

Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive Therapy is an individual and group counselling approach to changing the way you feel. "Cognition" is just another word for "thought". This treatment is based on the principles that our thoughts predict the way we feel and behave, and that our thoughts are changeable.

It is very common for many of us to blame our mood or other feelings on something that has happened in our lives. "I'm depressed because I lost my job", we say. But have you noticed that if 20 people lost their jobs some of them would be depressed, maybe even suicidal but others may be sad or appropriately concerned and motivated to solve the problem. This uniqueness in our reactions is related to how we think about a situation. Although some of our reaction can be attributed to circumstances around this event, most of the way we feel is related to how we perceive the situation.

In Cognitive therapy, individuals are taught that distorted, inaccurate thoughts result in overwhelming and unhealthy negative emotions. These self-defeating attitudes can be changed using a variety of powerful, easy-to-use techniques resulting in a difference in how you behave and how you feel. Personalized exercises practiced in the "real world" between counselling sessions are a vital and productive component of this therapeutic avenue to dealing with the life challenges. This treatment is often very exciting and motivating for people who have been struggling with other approaches to address personal issues. Cognitive therapy is a drug-free way to build self-esteem, reduce stress as well as deal with depression and anxiety.

Body Talk Therapy

Today's lifestyle has become increasingly busy, filled with tensions and stressors. Feelings of general malaise can negatively affect our personal and professional lives, whereas a restoration of health and vitality can help us become increasingly productive in every aspect of our lives.

Common ailments such as headaches, digestive problems, leg pain and sciatica are often accepted as something we have to live with or should cope with. However these signals are messages from our body telling us that something is not quite right. Many of these problems can be treated through natural and alternative approaches.

Through customized regimens tailored to each person's lifestyle, personal philosophies and existing therapies, we will help you design an optimal natural health program to help you feel better and to provide you with the tools to achieve personal growth and wellness.

With the use of complimentary therapies, we will assist in helping you increase and maintain vitality as well as provide you with the information to help you interpret the messages that your body is sending you. The goal is to give you the ability to understand your own body's needs and hence to know what actions are necessary for you to take in promoting and maintaining your own health. Health comes from the inside out and as we become responsible and empowered with understanding our needs, we are able to heal all aspects of our lives.

The aim of therapy is to help in the release of pain and tension, to promote injury healing and to generate more energy, focus and vitality. This can be accomplished through Body talk Therapy.

BodyTalk TM Therapy is a totally safe, non-invasive therapy that has been achieving spectacular results worldwide. A BodyTalk TM practitioner is guided by the innate intelligence of the patient to promote the remarkable healing capabilities of the human body. BodyTalk TM is successfully used in the treatment of a wide variety of illnesses and enhances the effectiveness of other treatment programs.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine is the practice of using the healing benefits of dried plants to treat illnesses. The medicinal use of herbs is one of the oldest forms of health and illness care. Treatment of modern day illnesses originated from the use of herbs in ancient times and has been handed down through the generations.

These treatment formulations for specific illnesses have been a part of each ancient culture - developing in detail as the culture evolved. Today, a sizable number of conventional medicines have been made by using the "active ingredient" of a plant. It is not surprising then that herbs work very similarly to conventional drugs. They may, however, be slower and less dramatic than the purified drugs or the synthetic ones made in a laboratory. But, with great power comes great side effects. A significant reduction in side effects is one of the main attractions of herbal use, rather than drug use.

Herbal preparations come in a variety of forms. For example, chamomile tea used as night time sleep aid, or echinacea in liquid or capsules for use in relieving flu's or any illness where stimulation of the immune system is important. Herbal remedies are particularly effective for the treatment of chronic illness as well as being used for self-medication with minor ailments, such as stomach upset, minor aches and pains, colds and skin irritations.

At the Wellness Centre, knowledgeable practitioners incorporate a wide range of subtle and powerful herbs into their clinical practices to treat illness and enhance health. We believe that herbal preparations have strong healing powers and should be recommended and utilized with knowledge. Any part of the plant can be used (roots, leaves or flowers) to make a preparation that can be used in a variety of forms.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is the assessment of the soft tissues and joints of the body. Treatment procedures aim to rehabilitate, maintain or improve physical function and reduce pain and stress. Besides the hands-on nature of massage therapy, treatment procedures may also include remedial exercise and the application of hot or cold modalities. Massage therapy acts directly upon the systems of the body to assist in rehabilitation of physical injuries and to improve health.

Some effects of massage therapy: Stimulates or soothes the nervous system, Assists the digestive and respiratory systems, Relieves muscle tension, Increases range of motion in restricted joints, Relieves swelling or pain caused by injury or disease, Increases nutrition to inactive or atrophied tissue, Induces a feeling of general well-being and relaxation.

Conditions Massage Therapists Treat: whiplash, back and neck pain, sprains or strains,headaches, fibromyalgia, chronic bronchitis, muscle spasm, tendinitis, pregnancy, asthma, stress, sciatica, neuritis/neuralgia, arthritis, insomnia, bursitis, post-surgical recovery.

At your first appointment the therapist will take a case history and, if applicable, do a musculoskeletal assessment. During this first visit, an outline of your treatment goals will be discussed so that you clearly understand the aims and desired outcomes of the treatment procedures. Massage therapists abide by a strict code of ethics ensuring patient trust and confidentiality.

Most insurance companies do cover massage therapy under their extended health care plans. Please check your individual policy to determine your coverage. Please note that physician referral is required by most insurance polices prior to treatment.

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